April 2018

Live Entertainment

Radio One Presents: Women's Empowerment 2016

Radio One of Raleigh presents Women’s Empowerment 2016. Women’s Empowerment & Networking Expo was created in 1995 in honor of Women’s History Month. This event was formed with the purpose of inspiring, encouraging and educating. Throughout this expo style event workshops, seminars and lectures are conducted that focus on physical, mental, spiritual, financial and emotional health. The goal of this entire event is to motivate, inspire and rejuvenate all who are in attendance.

Each year, Women’s Empowerment features a noteworthy motivational speech by an internationally recognized speaker. This year’s keynote speaker is Classically trained, award-winning actor, Viola Davis. Viola has burst through every barrier to become one of the most accomplished and celebrated actors today. She most recently became the first African American woman to win the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series for her role as 'Annalise Keating' in Shonda Rhimes's ABC drama How to Get Away with Murder. Her role earned her a Screen Actors Guild Award, an NAACP Image Award and a Golden Globe nomination.


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    RadioOne and K97.5
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